¿Por qué Acela?

Viaje Cómodo. Sea Productivo. Save Time. Go Green.

¿Cómo desea llegar a su próxima reunión de negocios o evento familiar? Would you like to avoid the hassle of finding a taxi or driving (and parking) at the airport, fighting traffic along the way only to find yourself running to your plane where a small, cramped seat awaits you?

¿O prefiere caminar desde la oficina o el subte hasta la estación Amtrak donde podrá abordar su tren con amplios asientos reclinados y equipados con tomacorrientes eléctricos? Our Acela trains offer frequent service to destinations throughout the Northeast Corridor, with first- and business-class seating options and Wi-Fi gratuito. Stretch your legs with a stroll to the Cafe Acela or, if you're traveling in Primera Clase, disfrute servicio de comidas en el asiento. Todos los trenes de Acela ahora ofrecen selección de asiento en Clase Ejecutiva y Primera Clase para que pueda estar más tranquilo al saber que su asiento lo está esperando.

We realize that you have many options when traveling in the Northeast, but the answer should be clear: Acela is the smarter and more efficient way to go, saving you time, money and hassles when traveling from DC to New York and Boston. You can also travel with environmental sustainability in mind, since all-electric trains like Acela produce significantly less CO2e emissions compared to flying or driving.

Acela vs. Airline Shuttle

  Acela Transporte de Aerolínea
Seat width (average)
23" 18"
Seat pitch (average)
42" 31"
Tomacorrientes eléctricos de CA
Contiguo a cada asiento Limited
Mesas para conferencias disponibles
Travel convenience Downtown-to-downtown
service with no-hassle boarding
Arrive outside of city center
with longer check-in time
Carry-on luggage 2 carry-on bags and
1 personal item included
Carry-ons restricted
Sostenibilidad Up to 72% less CO2e emissions
than flying
High environmental impact

Efficient and Convenient

Arrive downtown, not out of town. Acela serves conveniently-located stations in city centers, including Boston - South Station, Moynihan Train Hall at New York - Penn Station, and Washington - Union Station. These stations all feature easy access to public transportation, commuter rail, taxi and rideshare.

Productividad y Comodidad

Conéctese o desconéctese - la decisión es suya. Acela trains offer free WiFi and wide, assigned seats equipped with power outlets and tabletops, so you can travel in comfort while you catch up on work or kick back and enjoy the ride.

Environmental Impact & Sustainability

In the Northeast Corridor, trains like Acela are 100% electric, and approximately one third of the energy used is generated by carbon-free sources. Traveling on all-electric trains like Acela produces up to 72 percent less CO2e emissions compared to airplanes, and 83 percent less CO2e emissions than a personal vehicle.

Cafe Acela is open to all our Acela passengers and offers bistro menu selections freshly prepared to your liking in minutes. Los pasajeros de Primera Clase del Acela podrán disfrutar de nuestro servicio de menús rotativos en el asiento y de la cocina típica de los restaurantes finos.

Llegue a su destino relajado y renovado cuando viaje en Primera Clase en el Acela. Disfrute de los asientos espaciosos con servicio en el asiento, en un ambiente tranquilo y elegante, así como comidas de cortesía, prioridad de embarque, bebidas, toallas calientes y periódicos. You'll also enjoy privileged access to station lounges in Boston - South Station, Moynihan Train Hall at New York - Penn Station, Philadelphia - William H Gray III 30th Street Station and Washington - Union Station.